The Wife Carrying parking fields are located is in the middle of Sonkajärvi.(Rutakontie 13, Sonkajärvi). There will be traffic control during the event.

More parking space can be found from the Sonkajärvi Municipal hall yard (Lepokankaantie 2, Sonkajärvi) and Sonkajärvi Library yard (Rutakontie 21).

The Artists, Original Market Staff and event Staff parking field are behind Sonkajärvi School (Opintie 4, Sonkajärvi). There is only 1 slot / booth or organization available. Parking licenses required. Licenses from event info.

Caravan area

There are two areas available for caravans.

Travel park 1 is located beside the Sonkajärvi Sport hall (Urheilutie 1, Sonkajärvi). The toilets and showers are open during the event.

Travel park 2 is located beside the Kangaslampi swimming place. 2,5 km’s away from the center.

The fee 10 € / night is payed when arrived. Card payments only.

Momre info and booking: Ottopojan vuokraus Oy, 040 9375176