Hello competitor,

As you arrive to the Wife Carrying location, report to the info desk at least an hour before the start of the race. Info desk is open for competitors Friday 14-18 and Saturday 10-15.

At the info desk, you will receive a competitor bag, which contains competitor wrist bands, Wife Carrying t-shirts, competition numbers and safety pins for attaching the competitor numbers. The competitor wristband will give you access the all events of the weekend.

Participation fee will be paid in the online shop in advance as you register for the race.

We have reserved dressing rooms and showers for competitors at the downstairs of the Sports hall. You can leave your things in the lockers in the dressing room at your own responsibility or bring them to Info Desk with your name on them for safe keeping.

In case you are not able to compete even though you heve registered, please notify Wifecarrying office as soon as possible.

You are allowed to practice at the Wife carrying track on the weekend of the race on Saturday 11-11.30!

Please remember that the flag procession will be on the trach at 14.45 on Saturday.

On Friday 5.7.2024 the games will start at 19.00 with the Wife carrying Sprint. The team race will start on Saturday 6.7.2024 at 13.00 and the World Championships will be at 15:00.

Please attend to the awards ceremony at the Sports Hall on Saturday at 17:30.

The registration for the races ends on Wednesday July 3rd 2024 at 22:00.

Tips for Wife Carrying

Watch the video: Multiple-time Wife Carrying World Champions Joni and Jaana demonstrate various wife carrying techniques.

Get acquainted with the rules and the competition track

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